About us

The WFS Team!


Hannah La Costa

Director of WFS Country Shop


Hannah oversees the staff and the running of the business


Hannah is a canine behaviourist (check out her website www.hannahlacosta.com) and spends much of her spare time with her dogs but can also be found sat behind a sewing machine, running up some masterpiece.



Company Manager - Accounts Department


Fiona deals with all the customer accounts, invoices and suppliers


She has 3 horses, 4 dogs and when she's not busy with them, you can find her in the garden!


Equestrian Manager


Angie purchases all the equestrian clothing, products and horse feeds


She has Rocky her Clydesdale X gelding who is 25 years young and when she is not tending to his every wish, you may find her in the kitchen cooking!


Pet and Small Animal Manager


Wendy buys all the pet food, toys and products


I've been told you can find her playing poker in the afternoon........


Equestrian Assistant


Kristina assists in the equestrian department including arranging for rug cleaning and repairs and organising the clipper service


She has two horses and two lovely little cute dogs...


Delivery Driver - Maintenance and Warehouse


George delivers all your animal products to your door


He is a keen fish keeper of Koi, has 2 cats, a bearded dragon and 4 tortoises!

When not a work, he enjoys cycling

Norma AKA 'The Cat Lady'

Assistant to the Pet Department


Norma assists in keeping the pet department topped up with products and covers for Wendy when she is away.


Norma has 5 cats! We couldn't get a cat at short notice, so she is posing with my dog Fly!!!